Acrobatic Stilts

Bouncing Stilts

Acrobatic Stilts provide high energy, extreme Acrobatic displays that are full of WOW factor!

These Jumping Stilt Acrobats perform flips, high bounces and many more dazzling stunts.

Themed Bouncy Stilts

Our Themed Bouncy Stilt Walkers can provide customisable costumes that will fit in with your event. So far our Acrobatic Stilt Walkers have got some incredible costumes such as The White Rabbit, Jockeys, Boxers, Christmas Elfs, Halloween and many more.

Great Walk About Entertainment

Our highly interactive Acrobatic Stilt Walkers provide the perfect walkabout entertainment. These Stilt Walkers will mix and mingle, turn heads and thrill all types of audiences from children to adults.

First Class Acrobatic Stilt Walkers

Looking for a high energy, thrilling Acrobatic Show? Then look no further.

These fast-paced Stilt Walking Acrobats will jump over cars, flip over the head of an audience member and amaze any audience. The acrobatic show can last from 5 – 20minutes with as many as 12 Bouncy Stilt Walkers at one time.

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Stilt jumpers

Acrobatic Stilts Requirements & Details

  • Suitable Surface
  • Minimum Ceiling height 5m
  • Customizable Costumes
  • Thrilling Acrobatic Shows Up To 20 minutes
  • Perfect Walk About Entertainment
  • 1 – 12 Performers


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Hire Acrobatic Stilt Walkers

We have a huge range of tumblers, gymnasts, hand balance artists, and aerial acrobats to create an authentic circus feel to your corporate event, wedding or private party. Take a look to see our full range of acrobat performers for hire.