Acrobatic Strongmen

Dazzlingly Acrobatic Strongmen

Our Acrobatic Strongmen are the most charming of chaps as they amaze and amuse with their hilarious acrobatic antics. Armed with their fabulous Moustaches, they will treat your audience to feats of good old-fashioned Victorian bravado, balancing, and tumbling whilst charming anyone who passes by!


Cheeky Charming Chaps!

As one of our most popular walk-around acts, Our acrobatic strongmen never fail to cause an absolute sensation as they get the crowd involved in their daring and delightful displays of antiquated acrobatics

On the ground, the ‘Strong Brothers’ will perform extraordinary feats of strength, daring acrobatic moves, and skill.

And as well as their acrobatic escapades they are also delightfully charming chaps, mingling with the crowd, wooing the ladies, and giving fellow gents a good firm handshake.

They are sure to leave any audience stunned with appreciation and crying with laughter.

Roll up, Roll up for the Greatest Show on Earth!


Witness the Skill of our Hilarious Victorian Strongmen

Acrobatic Strongmen | Acrobats

Acrobatic Strongmen Requirements & Details

  • A marvelous venue with a height of 3.5m – ideally 4m.
  • A fantastic flat surface to work on.
  • A jolly good amount of space of 4m x 5m to perform in.
  • Works exceptionally well for mix and mingle.
  • 3 x 30 minute sets that interact with your guests.
  • Set acts of 5 minutes.


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