Aerial Hoop Performers

Aerial Hoop Performers

Add a touch of Cirque to your event with our Aerial Hoop Acts.

Breath taking displays of strength and beauty.

Our Aerial Hoop Dancers will leave your guests in awe.

Aerial Hoop Acts

Aerial Hoop also known as Aerial Lyra uses a solid metal ring suspended from the ceiling.

Aerialists use gymnast moves with elegant dance moves which, when combined produces a spectacular performance for all to watch.

An Aerial Hoop Performer can provide Solo Aerial Hoop Acts, Duo Aerial Hoop Acts or Synchronized Duo Aerial Hoop acts.

Aerial Hoop Performances

Aerial Hoop Dancers are perfect for Wedding Entertainment, Private Party Ideas, and Corporate Events.

Depending on your event our Aerial Hoop Performers can provide stop-and-watch acts to set music or ambient background sets which work well-greeting guests.

Can My Venue Have Aerial Performers?

Give us a call and we can chat through what is required and needed for our Aerial Hoop Acts.

Fear not, if your venue can’t accommodate our Aerial Hoop Dancers then we also have Free Standing Aerial Hoop options that require no rigging.

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Aerial Hoop Acts Requirements & Info

  • Minimum Ceiling Height 3.5m
  • Minimum Safe Work Load Limit 500kg
  • Professional Riggers Maybe Required To Install A Point
  • A Clear Drop Zone Underneath The Performer
  • No Strobe Lighting
  • Number Of Performers Multiple
  • Acts Can Use Requested Music


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We have a huge range of tumblers, gymnasts, hand balance artists, and aerial acrobats to create an authentic circus feel to your corporate event, wedding or private party. Take a look to see our full range of acrobat performers for hire.