LED Aerial Hoop

LED Aerial Hoop Free Standing

Hire our visually stunning Free Standing LED Aerial Hoop for your next event.

Mesmerizing Aerial Performers display their grace and strength on this stunning LED Aerial Hoop.

High Impact, Bright, Bold and Beautiful!

Why Hire An LED Aerial Hoop Performer?

Welcome to the future of Aerial Arts – introducing our LED Free Standing Aerial Hoop.

Wow, your guests and attendees as they embark on a thrilling journey that combines the grace of an Aerial Performer with the hypnotic glow of LED Technology.

All of this without the hassle of expensive rigging!

Our Free Standing LED Aerial Hoop can be used in any venue with a ceiling height of 3m or more.

Simple right? So what are you waiting for?

Contact Us to find out more.

Dazzling Aerial Displays

Our LED Aerial Hoop makes a great centrepiece for any event.

This LED Prop transforms the Aerial Performer’s routine with a mesmerizing spectacle of lights. With customizable colour options, create a visual masterpiece that captivates your guests and leaves a lasting impression.

Will An LED Hoop Performer Work At My Event?

The simple answer is yes!

Our LED Aerial Hoop is set up effortlessly in less than 15 minutes, indoors or outdoors, watch as this unique Aerial LED Hoop becomes the vocal point of your event.

Our Free Standing LED Aerial Hoop adapts to your vision, whether you’re aiming for ethereal ambient sets, a futuristic vibe, or a high-energy LED Entertainment party.


LED Aerial Hoop

LED Aerial Hoop | Freestanding LED Aerial Hoop | LED Entertainment

LED Aerial Hoop Requirements

  • Minimum Ceiling Height 3m
  • Minimum Footprint 2.5m In Diameter
  • Set Up/ Pack Down Time 15 minutes
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Loading Bay Into The Performance Space If In A Busy City
  • Although We Are Strong, Please Notify Us Of Any Stairs Leading To The Performance Space
  • Once Set The LED Aerial Hoop May Not Be Moved
  • Dim Lighting Advised For Ultra Bright LEDs!


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Hire An LED Aerial Hoop

We have a huge range of tumblers, gymnasts, hand balance artists, and aerial acrobats to create an authentic circus feel to your corporate event, wedding or private party. Take a look to see our full range of acrobat performers for hire.