LED Stilt Walkers

LED Stilt Walkers

Light Up Your Event

Stand out from the crowd with our incredible LED Stilt Walkers.

These futuristic costumes are available in a range of colours and costume styles.

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Our LED Stilt Walkers were designed to stand out from the crowd.

Whether they are greeting guests, posing for that all-important photo or pairing our incredible LED Stilt Walkers with another LED Act your event will light up and be the best in town!

LED Walkabout Entertainment

We have a range of costume options to choose from depending on your event and budget.

Our Silver LED Stilt Walkers shine brightly with their mirrored costumes, light-up tops, and light-up wings.

The White LED Stilt Walkers can be set to a static colour or rotate through the rainbow, this means no matter what the occasion our LED Stilt Walkers will fit right in.

Try pairing our LED Stilt Walkers with our Freestanding Aerial LED Cube or even or incredible Logo Spinners.

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Act Requirements & Details

  • Suitable Surface
  • Low Lighting Preferred
  • Minimum Ceiling Height 3m-4m
  • 3 x 30 minute sets or 2 x 45 minute sets
  • 2-3 Performers Available Depending On Costume Choice
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