Magician Steven

Magician Steven

Magician Steven is one of the UK’s leading close up and stage magicians.

He has an incredible list of celebrity clients which include, Jude law, Robert Downey Jr and Jason Statham.

Mix and Mingle Magic

Steven’s charming personality and incredible magic is sure to be a great addition to your events entertainment. He will mingle amongst your guests and clients, blowing their minds with cutting edge magic using cards, technology and borrowed objects!

Steven is a master one of the UK’s leading magicians. Your guests won’t believe their eyes as they see the most impossible tricks performed so smooth, you’d swear it had to be a camera trick! He may also steal a watch or two, but he always gives them back!

Mind Reading

Mind-reading so real, its seems completely impossible! Can this man really know what your thinking, the answer is yes! and he’ll prove it to to you time and time again as he reveals information he couldn’t possible have known in advance!

Celebrity Clients

Steven is no stranger to high profile events and his magic has been booked by some biggest brands and celebrities in the world. Previous clients include, Hugo Boss, BMW, Aston Martin, Sky, XBox and Range Rover. He has also performed for a long list of celebrities who include: Jason Statham, Robert Downey JR, Gary Lineker, Jude law and David Beckham

Close up Magician Steven

Magician Steven

Show Packages

1 Hour Mix and Magic

Steven will mix and mingle with your guests showing them some unbelievable magic. This can be walk-around magic or magic at the table in a dinner situation.

2 Hour Mix and Magic Technology Magic

Steven will mix and mingle with your guests for two hours performing close up magic, technology magic, pickpocketing and mind reading. This can be mix and mingle magic during drinks, at the tables or a combination of both.

After Dinner Mind Reading Show

Steven also offers an incredible stage show packed with comedy and mind reading, making it perfect for larger audiences.

Words will be plucked from audience members thoughts, guests will be manipulated and influenced beyond their control and a huge prediction will be revealed at the end which will blow everyones minds!

Perfect for larger audiences of up to 1000 guests. 20 – 60 Minutes as required.


Steven is also able to tailor these packages to suit your event perfectly. For more information contact us

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