Freestanding Aerial Rig

Our Freestanding Aerial Rig Provides Aerial Hoop And Aerial Silk Performers

Freestanding Aerial Rig

The Easiest Way To Hire An Aerial Act

  • The perfect way to greet your guests.
  • WOW factor entertainment.
  • Fits in almost all venues.
  • 5.3 metres high.
  • 30 minutes set up time.
  • Stunning Aerial Performers.
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Hire Freestanding Aerial Rig

Hire A Freestanding Aerial Rig For Your Event

Our impressive Freestanding Aerial Rig is the easiest way to hire an Aerial Performer.

No expensive rigging costs. No drilling and no messing around with confusing weight load limits.

Our Aerial Rig is easy to set up and will provide you with stunning Aerial Performances in any venue.

Hiring An Aerial Rig Is Stress-Free!

Looking for an Aerial Act that will add the wow factor to your event but worried about expensive rigging costs?

Look no further; our Freestanding Aerial Rig is the perfect solution.

This impressive Aerial Rig will give you show-stopping entertainment without hiring a professional rigger.

Our Free Standing Aerial Rig is perfect for indoor and outdoor performances. It can fit in most venues and is the ideal solution when booking an Aerial Performer.

Hiring An Aerial Performer Has Never Been Easier.

Aerial Performers are always a guaranteed showstopper. Their aerial acrobatics on aerial hoop, aerial silks and aerial cube never fails to get gasps from the crowd.

The advantage of our Aerial Rig is that it makes all of these aerial performances possible on one stunning prop.

Outdoor Aerial Rig


Do you dream of having an Aerial Silk Performer as part of your wedding entertainment?

We can set up our Aerial Rig outside so you can have entertainment wherever you like.

Most surfaces are suitable for our Freestanding Aerial Rig however it’s always good to let us know where you’d like it to be placed.

Please keep in mind the ever-changing weather when planning your event outside; unfortunately, we can’t put glorious weather into our quotes!

How To Book A Freestanding Aerial Rig

Booking in advance is always the best as it is one of our most popular props.

Get in touch with us to find out more information, advice and ideas on how we can provide the Aerial Rig at your event or wedding.

Contact us for a quote or simply send us an email at

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How To Hire An Aerial Rig In 3 Simple Steps

  •  You tell us all your event details including the height of your venue.
  • We give you the space requirements needed for our Aerial Freestanding Rig.
  • You book an exceptional Aerial Performer for your event.

How Much Space Does The Freestanding Aerial Rig Need?

  • The Aerial Rig comes in two sizes, which can fit into most venues.
  • Medium Level: 4.3m High, 5.5 x 6.4m Footprint on Ground.
  • Highest Level: 5.2m High, 8 x 9m Footprint on Ground.

Freestanding Aerial Rig Enquiry

We have a huge range of tumblers, gymnasts, hand balance artists, and aerial acrobats to create an authentic circus feel to your corporate event, wedding or private party. Take a look to see our full range of acrobat performers for hire.