LED Entertainment

We Have Wide Rand Of LED Performers Including LED Stilt Walkers, LED Aerial Acts and more.

LED & Glow Performers

Amp up your party with our wide range of LED entertainment performers.

Here at Live Performers, we have a variety of bright, colourful LED performers ready to give your party that zap of energy it deserves.

  • Light’s Produce You’re Companies Logo
  • LED Stilt Walkers Engage With Your Guests
  • The UK’s Only LED Aerial Cube
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Hire LED Entertainment

We have a wide range of LED Performers.

From LED martini glasses to LED aerial acts, you could say we are your one-stop-shop for LED acts. Our LED entertainment is best suited to low light areas, perfect for those events in the evenings; wedding receptions, clubs and private parties. Bring mesmerising colour and light to your event space with our LED glow artists and dancers, Pixel Logo Poi, LED Photo Frame and Laser Acts. Live Performers provide exceptional event entertainment at the touch of a button.

Book Glow Performers

Light up your event with our Glow Performers! The ultimate LED entertainment combining LED props, gymnastics and dancing, our glow acts can put on a show guaranteed to turn heads and leave your guests in complete awe. Have them walk around with your guests, mingling and putting smiles on their faces, our glow performers are definitely the best way to greet your guests. Another great option is to have them perform as your headlining act, choreographing a piece for the entire audience to enjoy and participate in. With our LED glow performers, your event will be sure to stand out from the rest!

Glamorous LED Martini Glasses and Dancers

Add a touch of glitz and glamour to your wedding, private party or corporate event with our LED Martini Glasses and Dancers. These gigantic Martini Glasses are most definitely a statement piece, not only will they provide some funky lighting, but they also provide exceptional glow entertainment when you add a couple of Martini Glass Dancers. Fill the glasses with pearls, glitter or water. This is a great way to tie the LED Martini Glasses into the theme, you are also able to time the lights in the glass to the beat of the music. Your guests’ jaws will drop when they see this exciting and unusual LED entertainment.

Images in lights with Pixel Logo Poi

For amazing LED entertainment that doubles as an eye-catching display, our Pixel Logo Poi is an LED-filled performance that guests won’t be able to take their eyes off. Any image, pattern, or logo can be created in light form when they are spun by one of our glow performers – it has to be seen to be believed and will blow you away.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about how LED entertainment can give your event star quality with LED martini glasses, LED photo frames and more, feel free to get in touch or give us a call on 07809 710285.

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Hire LED Photo Frames

Add our LED Photo Frames to your event for that “party glow”, the perfect way of getting the best snaps and memorabilia of your event. Whilst changing colour the LED frames are great fun for all ages, whether you’re getting the children involved with the older generation pulling funny faces and posing with our lightweight LED Photo Frame or you have a night club venue that’s adults-only – it will keep anyone entertained for the evening with the perfect way to remember a special occasion.

Hire LED Entertainment

We have a huge range of tumblers, gymnasts, hand balance artists, and aerial acrobats to create an authentic circus feel to your corporate event, wedding or private party. Take a look to see our full range of acrobat performers for hire.