Living Statues

A Living Statue Is A Street Performer Who Poses As A Statue In Elaborate Costumes And Make-Up.

Living statue

Add A Touch Of Street Theatre To Your Event

  • Have you ever seen a statue at an event or on the street and had to take a second to work out whether it was actually a statue or a real person? You may even have walked past countless statues not realising that they are in fact real people.
  • Guests of your event will have the same reaction if you choose to hire our living statues. At Live Performers, we provide talented human statues that will add excitement and wonder to any and all types of events. It doesn’t matter what the theme and décor of your event is, we have a wide variety of characters and costumes to suit you and your vision – whether you want iconic characters or historical figures to appear at your event or creatures or mythical beings, we’ve got something for everyone.
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What Are Living Statues?

Living statues are exactly that, they’re talented and experienced performers dressed and made up to appear exactly like a statue made from stone, copper, gold, metal, ice statues, or any other material. Our living statue performers use body paint from head to toe and custom, quality costumes and props to create the illusion that they’re sculpted from one material. Their years of experience and endless patience mean that they can stand (or sit) still for an unbelievable length of time – you won’t believe your eyes!

Why should I hire human living statues?

Our human statues have to be seen to be believed, you’ll be blown away by how realistic our performers look when they’re in character. We can even amaze further using our creative and mind-blowing techniques to make the living statues appear to be floating above the ground. Human statues are the perfect addition to the entertainment of any event – if you’re not convinced now, the gasps of your guests in your venue will definitely make sure you don’t regret hiring these fantastic talents.

If you’re interested in speaking to Live Performers about our options for hiring a human statue, we can advise which of our expert, experienced performers and characters will be best for your event. Feel free to get in touch if you want to add human living statues as an amazing touch to your next event. Give us a call today on 01327 629960.

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Where can I use a human statue?

Human living statues are perfect for any event where you want to entertain and surprise guests. They add a unique touch that will leave guests talking about your event for an incredibly long time after they’ve left. Whether it’s a private party, corporate event, wedding, festival, or any other kind of event – the reactions of your guests will leave you glad you chose such creative entertainment. You can choose where they perform, whether it’s dotted around an indoor venue or an outdoor space. You can also choose whether to make them stand out so they catch the eye of guests, or whether you incorporate them into the décor, so that they blend into their surroundings and give unexpecting guests a thrilling surprise.

Living Statues For Hire

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