The Best Halloween Ideas for the Ultimate Halloween Party

Awesome Halloween Ideas for a Frighteningly Good Party

Halloween is creeping up fast! If you’re planning a Halloween party then, your not alone in the dark, we’ve got you covered. If you want to scare your guests rather than bore them to death, then check our guide for some amazing Halloween entertainment ideas.


Guest List

You’re going to need guests. Look at the size of your venue and get a good idea of how many people it can accommodate. Make sure your venue can hold your guests without them feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

If you’re holding a Halloween party at your home, invite the neighbours. Not only is this polite, but if they don’t want to come, it gives them a chance to prepare for the noise at your party when you have it.

Halloween Costume Ideas

No Halloween party would be complete without costumes. Make sure you insist on everyone dressing up; It really ramps up a fun atmosphere. Ask people to come as their favourite scary character. Also, stress that Disney princesses and sexy bumblebees are not considered Halloween costumes! Here are a few cool costume ideas:

It’s also a good idea to get hold of a few cheap Halloween masks in case someone doesn’t have a costume ‘aka’ wants to be boring!

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Decorating the venue can make all the difference to the atmosphere of your Halloween party. A quick search on eBay and you can pick up some awesome Halloween decorations for peanuts. Here are a few simple Halloween decoration ideas that you can use to create a spooky setting for your party:

Halloween Music Ideas

There really are some terrifyingly tacky tunes out there. If want to fill that dancefloor rather than murder the atmosphere, then check our list of top ten Halloween tunes below:

Alternatively, just hit this link from Spotify, they’ve done all the work for you!

Halloween Entertainment Ideas

Really want your party to be extraordinary? You need some awesome Halloween entertainment! We have a full range of Halloween acts to thrill your guests! Check out our top five Halloween acts below:

Creepy Contortionist

If that moment in The Exorcist when she walks down the stairs, bent in half, really freaked you out, you’ve seen nothing yet! The Zombie contortionist is genuinely scary to watch. Costumed like an undead doll, our contortionist can bend herself into some real stomach-churning positions!


Scary Stilt Walkers

The Scary stilt walkers are a brilliant way to welcome your guests to the venue. Not only do they become a part of the Halloween party decorations but they will also interact with your guests throughout the evening and pose for some scary photographs.

Circus Stilt Walker

Halloween Fire Performers

Inspired by the Festival of the Dead, our Halloween fire performers are dressed to kill. The iconic colourful costumes of this festival come to life as our fire acts hypnotize your guests with their awesome fire skills. Our fire acts combine fire dancers, fire eating and fire breathing with a stunning array of fire props that would make Carrie proud!

Fire Breathers

Halloween Snake Woman

Many people are scared of snakes. That explains why our snake performer is one of our most booked Halloween acts. The sight of this enormous Python will terrify your guests. A shockingly good Halloween entertainment idea to get some scary snaps and snake selfies.

Snake Woman

Halloween Scare Actors

Guaranteed to get some serious screams, our scare actors are highly interactive Halloween acts. They will sneak up on your guests when they least expect it. Our vast collection of Halloween props and costumes are sure to treat and terrify. Imagine undead Nurses with giant syringes or Freddy Kruger chasing after your guests. They will be screaming for days! MUAHAHAHHAHAAA!

Halloween Scare Actor

Need More Halloween Entertainment Ideas?

Halloween is one of our busiest times of the year. Every year we supply hundreds of corporate events and private parties with some frighteningly good Halloween entertainment.

With a huge collection of acts, props and costumes, we have everything you need for the ultimate Halloween party! If you’d like to make your Halloween party entertainment truly epic, then contact us today!