The Ultimate Guide to Booking a Fire Performer for Your Event

Fire is something that never fails to get attention. Trying yelling ‘FIRE!’ out loud right now, you’ll see what we mean! There is something ingrained in us, probably some primal survival instinct, that attracts us to those flickering flames; It’s in our nature. That may explain why fire breathing and fire eater are one of our most popular acts.


Fire Displays Will Really Light up Your Event!

Fire Performers are one of the best acts you can book for your event. No matter if you’re planning the entertainment for a wedding, corporate event or private party, they are guaranteed to be a huge hit.

A Fire performance has the ability able to hypnotise any audience. The combination of danger and beauty never fails to get attention and the performers will always and pull a huge crowd to watch their stunning routines. Your guests will literally flock like moths to the flame. And they will always be a highlight of the night.

Which Type of Fire Acts Are Best for Your Event?

When it comes to fire performers, there are many different types of fire acts:

If all this lingo leaves you a little burnt out, (pun totally intended!) then don’t worry. The best fire performers are well versed in all of these skills. They are masters of their craft and able to combine these skills into an epic fire display that is flaming awesome to behold!

Fire Breather

What Kind of Fire Props Does a Fire Dancer Use?

The best fire acts use a wide variety of fire props to work their magic. If you’re looking to book a fire performer for your event, then it’s worth asking what props they will use. These may include:

Fire Spinner

It’s best to choose a performer who has a wide diversity of skills and props. This shows that they are a professional who has put serious time in to mastering their craft.

A wide range of equipment also means that their fire show will have variety. It will be build with the skills getting more impressive and the props getting bigger throughout the show.

Ambient Fire Performers or Fire Shows?

The two most effective ways to use Fire Performers at your event are, as ambient entertainment, or as a main feature of the evening. Below we break down each to help you decide which will work best for your event.

Ambient Fire Performers

Ambient fire performers are there to dress up the atmosphere and add to the ambience of the event. They do not perform a choreographed act, but rather freestyle to music that is already playing. They will still use a variety of equipment and impress the crowd, but they are used more like a cherry on the cake, they are not the cake itself.
A great way to use ambient fire performers are as the guests arrive or during your drink’s reception. This is a nice way to impress your guests and build the prestige of the event, without being ‘all in their face’ about it.

Fire Shows

Fire shows can involve one or more performers. They are the impressive displays that have been put together as a full Fire show, with set choreography and music. Fire shows are impressive and best used as a featured part of the night’s entertainment.
Great Times to use a fire show are after the dinner or before the disco. This will ramp up the energy of your guests and add some wow factor to the later part of the evening’s entertainment.

Can I Use a Fire Performer Indoors?

Fire Performer

Yes. But they may be limited to the equipment they can use. There is no reason why you can’t have Fire shows indoors, it really depends on the space available. Safety is the priority.

A Fire Performance indoors must be away from any loose curtains or drapes and the higher the ceiling, the better. It should also be performed at least three meters away from the audience.

Fire Dance

Experienced fire performers will have a wide range of equipment that they are able to use, some of which use smaller flames. It’s a good idea when booking, to send the performer as much information about the venue as possible. They will then be able to speak to the venue and give you a better idea of what is possible.
It’s worth keeping in mind that some venues, such as listed buildings, may not allow fire performers, so it’s best to check with them first. Most venues will also want to see proof of the fire performers public liability insurance and a risk assessment for the show.

The One Thing You MUST Check Before Booking a Fire Performer

Fire Staff

You want your entertainment to be amazing, but also have peace of mind, so you must always make sure that the fire performer has full public liability insurance that also covers the use of fire.

When booking a fire act, always make sure you ask them for a copy of their public liability insurance and a full risk assessment for their act.

How to Choose the Best Fire Performers for Your Event

Fire Performance

By now you should have a much better idea of how fire dancers work and how they can add some amazing entertainment to your event. The only thing that’s left to do is book your performer. Below we’ve provided a quick checklist to help you when making your enquiry:

Don’t Get Burned When Booking Your Fire Performer!

Here at Live Performers, we take the burn out of booking fire performers. We’ve done our homework so you don’t have to. We provide only the best fire performers and fire shows in the UK. This gives you piece of mind that you’re getting reliable professionals that will create sensational entertainment at your event. If you’d like further advice, speak to one of our team on 07809 710285 or contact us today.