How to Choose the BEST Close up Magician for Your Wedding, Corporate Event or Party

Let’s face it, everyone loves magic; that feeling of absolute wonder that makes you feel like you’re a kid again. But Magic isn’t just for kids. Imagine your guests screaming and howling with laughter, or running away from the magician like a David Blaine TV special. The impact a magician can have at your event is awesome. That’s why we’ve put together an ultimate guide to help you find the best magician for your event.


What Type of Close up Magician Do You Need?

Close up Magician, Table magician, walkabout magician, wedding magician; if all of these names are making your brain feel like it’s been cut in half, don’t worry! Usually these are just different names for the same kind of magician. So, throughout the rest if this article, if you see us refer to any of these, you know their all pretty much the same thing!

Close up Magician Card Trick


The only exception to this rule is Illusionists, who tend to put on big Las Vegas style Illusions shows. These shows have big illusions that make girls appear and vanish in the blink of an eye. They are filled with cool stuff like fire, death defying illusions, and pyros…lots of pyros. Because of this, Illusionists are more suited to large corporate events and may be a bit overboard for your average garden party!


Close up Magicians, Table Magicians & Mix and Mingle Magicians

‘Close magician,’ and all the variants above, basically describes a magician who will mix and mingle with your guests, showing them amazing magic. They flit from group to group like a magical social butterfly, blowing your guests minds in the process. They use borrowed items or small props that fit easily in their pockets. Their magic is highly interactive, it packs small, and has a massive impact.

Walkabout Magician

Will A Close up Magician Work Well at Your Event?

Magicians are one of the easiest acts to book because they require nothing more than an audience to perform their magic. They appear with all their tricks loaded in their jacket and they are ready to rock.

Close up Magicians are perfect when you have groups of people meeting for the first time, such as weddings. It’s a great way to help people relax and break the ice.

At a corporate event, you can use a table magician to meet and greet your guests as they arrive at the venue. This way, they are being entertained from the second they arrive. It helps to set the mood for a great night to follow.

At private parties in a garden or house party, a party magician is the ideal choice as they don’t need a lot of space. Their informal and socially engaging style means that you can entertain your guests without being too in their face about it.

In summary, Close up magicians well suited to most kinds of events including weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Wedding Magician

How Long Does a Magician Perform For?

100 Guests or Less

Close up Magicians will usually perform for around 2 hours depending on how many guests are at the party. The general rule of thumb is that you need one magician per 100 guests within a two-hour period.

Two hours is plenty of time for the magician to entertain every guest at the party; allowing them to spend between five to ten minutes with each group. Enough to fry your guests’ brains and leave them gob smacked with childlike wonder.

More Than 100 Guests

If you have more than a hundred guest there are two options:

1. Extend the booking time to allow enough time for the magician to entertain everyone. This works well if you have a between 100 – 150 guests.

2. If you have more than 200 guests then it’s best to hire multiple close up magicians to ensure that everyone gets to see the magic. Again, stick to the rule of one magician per 100 guests: so, if you have 300 guests, then you would need 3 magicians.


How Much Does A Magician Charge?

There is a golden rule to follow here. Good magicians aren’t cheap, and cheap magicians aren’t good. Whether you hire a close-up magician or a table magician, you really do get what you pay for, so we would always recommend getting the best that you can afford.

The last thing you want is for your guests to be unimpressed by the entertainment.

Cheap magicians aren’t professional and they take that approach to their work. They may turn up late or not show up at all. They won’t have that charisma-packed, polished performance achieved from hundreds of payed gigs. Their magic is usually pants. And the last thing you want to book is a pants magician.

As each event is unique in some way, the cost will depend on the close-up magic service you need. You won’t pay the same for a 2 hours close up magic that you would for a 2 hours walk-around magic or a 20-minute stage show.

The best way to find how much a magician charges is to get a quote from several magicians. You’ll then have an idea of your price range and can see which magician best suits your budget. The easiest way to do this is to use an entertainment agency, who can send you several magicians prices at once.

To give you a guideline, a professional magician will usually charge between £450 – £650 for 2-3 hours close up magic.

Close Up Magicians


Three CRUCIAL Things You Need to Check Before You Book a Close-up Magician

It is critical that you don’t base your choice of magician on price alone. To play devil’s advocate here, just because a magician is expensive, it doesn’t mean they are good. There are three other crucial factors you HAVE to consider. These are…

1. Showreel

You can’t hire a magician without seeing a video of them work. Most Close-up magicians will have a 3-minute video with highlights of their performances.

Make sure the footage is live and actually shows a performance where you can see their personality, magic and presentation, not just a montage of photographs or reaction shots. You have to actually see them in action to see you like their style.

2. Reviews

Reviews are key! Always ask the magician for a link to their reviews from previous clients. Make sure the reviews are recent, it will give you an idea of how popular they are. The reviews should be from an accredited third-party review platform such as Trustpilot or Google Reviews. A link to a page on their website full of generic reviews won’t cut it. There is no guarantee that these reviews are genuine.

3. Previous Clients

Does the magician have an impressive list of previous clients? This is particularly important when booking a corporate magician. You can get a good idea of a magician’s worth by seeing who they have worked for previously. If they have an impressive list of blue-chip companies under their belt, who have paid a lot of money for their services, you can bet your getting someone who is definitely worth what they charge.

Corporate Magician

The Easiest Way to Book the Best Magician for Your Event

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