Magician for Hire Guide. Choose the Best Magician for Your Event

Magician for Hire

Hiring a magician for your corporate event, wedding or private party can provide a unique and unrivalled experience for all of your guests, creating lasting memories of your event long after it’s over. Let’s guide you into choosing the right magician for your event. 


Choosing the Right Magician for Hire 

Magicians can create lasting memories at wedding, corporate events and private parties. But the real question is; who is the right magician for hire? And, how to choose the best one for your event?  

Magicians quite often specialise in a particular area. For example; a wedding magician will primarily deal with weddings, where as a corporate magician will perform only at corporate functions such as exhibitions, networking events or awards nights.

Below, we give a quick overview of the most common types of close up magician and what you can expect from them at each type of event.


Corporate Magician for Hire

corporate magician for hire

A corporate magician performs primarily at corporate events. They offer a  great way to break the ice and connect with guests of various ages and cultural backgrounds. They can drive traffic to a stand at an exhibition, break the ice at networking events and make an excellent host at awards nights or presentational events.


Magicians for Wedding and Receptions

Wedding magician for hire


A Wedding Magician is one of the finest ways to keep your guests entertained throughout wedding reception. A wedding magician will mingle with your guest and blow their minds with amazing tricks. These tricks are performed right under their nose. Wedding magicians can offer excellent opportunities to your photographers as they take some great shots of your guests reacting to the magic!


Magicians for Charity Events and Fundraisers

Magician Alex | Close Up Magician | Live Performers

Hiring a magician for charity events and fundraisers can be a great idea. This will help you increase attendance and engagement, provide potential media coverage and at the same time give great entertainment. 


Magicians for Seasonal Events & Parties

Magician Steven


What better than using a magician at a Halloween party to tricks your guests and treat them to some wickedly fun entertainment? Magicians also work well at Christmas to add the Christmas magic to your company or private party!


Why Hire a Magician for Your Event?

Magicians are a great way to get the party started and leave your guests with a memorable experience. Here are some reasons why a magician is a great choice for your next event.


Easy to Organise & Ready to Rock at a Moments Notice

Magicians quite often carry everything they need in their pockets. Close up magicians; who mix and mingle with guests, do not require any special conditions to book. They don’t need floor space, specialised lighting or music. They just rock up and are ready to entertain at the drop of a hat!

An Interactive Experience

Magicians have a way of mingling with your guests and creating the most impact around the room. A good magician will move efficiently through the room performing mind blowing magic to all of your guests and drawing gasps of amazement as they do so. This interactive experience is something that your guests will love, with each group or table getting their own special VIP performance.

Customise Timings to Suit Your Event

A magician is usually very willing to accommodate and also suggest the best times to use magic at your event.

Magicians  can be used effectively at various times at your event to keep the flow of entertainment going throughout the night. They can be used effectively at Weddings to entertain your guests during the drinks reception or photographs, when a lot of your guests will be standing around. At corporate events they can used between each course to keep your guests entertained and give the table lots to talk about as they try to work out how the tricks were done!


The Best Magicians for Hire in the UK

We hope the following guide has shed some light on the various types of magician for hire. Magicians can be a brilliant addition to your wedding, corporate event or private party.  Visit our website for more info and to find the best magicians in the UK.