This Wedding Entertainment Idea Could be an Absolute Game Changer


Planning your Wedding Entertainment is no easy task, but it can also be a lot of fun. Long nights spent trawling Google and Pinterest for cool wedding entertainment ideas, waking up at breakfast with your face in your Frosties. The pressure is real! But if you want a killer idea that can really lift your wedding to legendary fairytale status, then you need an Aerial Hoop Performer.

Wedding Entertainment

The Problem with the Usual Wedding Entertainment Format

The usual ‘go-to’ for Wedding Entertainment is a rocking band, and a DJ to party late into the early hours. While this is a fantastic place to start, they happen much later in the day, usually after the wedding breakfast.

By that time your guests have been there for several hours, and there have been gaps. You know what we’re talking about; As the guests arrive, before the ceremony, during the photographs. At these times your guests are waiting around.

The last thing you want is that your guests get bored, or that Aunty Bev gets hammered and starts mooning the bar staff. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your guests entertained and have the fairytale wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

An Aerial what?! An Aerial Hoop Performer, that’s what.

Aerial Artists are stunning aerial acrobats that perform on a hoop. They are easily one of the most beautiful, elegant and sophisticated acts that you could add to your wedding entertainment. They are also going to be something all your guests are talking about.


Mixing jaw-dropping flexibility and graceful choreography, Aerial Performers never fail to enchant an audience.

Aerial Hoop Performers are Perfect for Ambient Entertainment

Ambient entertainment means entertainment that complements the ambience of the room. It’s subtle, It’s not a full-on show. It’s the visual equivalent of background music. Something for your guests to watch in a relaxed atmosphere, without feeling like they’ve been catapulted on stage at techno/trance rave-fest!!

Wedding Entertainment Throughout the Special Day

If we break your big day down, it’s probably going to fall into a similar schedule like the one below:

The key to keeping your guests entertained throughout the day is to sprinkle entertainment in-between these key points in the day (the breaks) when they are waiting for the next event. This keeps the entertainment flowing throughout the day and prevents your guests from falling into a food/Gin educed coma.

Use an Aerial Hoop Performer to WOW Your Guests as They Arrive

Imagine your guests walking into your venue, and the first thing they see is a beautiful aerial acrobat performing a mesmerising routine in mid-air. The entertainment starts from the second they arrive. It shows that this isn’t going to be your average wedding!

Using an Aerial Hoop Performer During the Photographs

Couple Together On Their Wedding Day

Photo by Sandro Crepulja from Pexels

The photographs of the immediate family and of the Bride and Groom usually take place straight after the ceremony. This is when you get your fabulous photoshoot and most of your guests will have to amuse themselves for a few hours. This makes it the perfect time for an aerialist to do an ambient performance. It will keep your guests entertained why they wait for your return and the highly anticipated wedding breakfast!

Using an Aerial Hoop Performer Before the First Dance & Party

Get everyone gathered around to enjoy a choreographed aerial performance just before you go into the first dance. It makes it a special highlight and is a fantastic way to segue’ from the wedding breakfast and speeches.

This performance will usually be a set choreographed aerial routine and you will usually have the option to pick your favourite romantic track for the performance to melt everyone’s hearts with.

The One Thing People Worry About When Hiring an Aerial Hoop Performer

When thinking about having an aerial performer at your wedding, it’s normal to have concerns about how they are going to hang themselves, so to speak! The Aerial performer will be able to supply their requirements, which will include the height and weight load limit of the structural beam they would be rigged too. The wedding venue should be able to provide this information.

Wedding Aerial Artist

Depending on the aerial performer you hire, they may not be qualified to rig their own equipment. In this situation, they would need to bring in a professional rigger at an additional cost. This cost will depend on a number of factors including how high the rig point is, how easy it is to access and how many hours the rigger needs to be at the venue.

Sound like a bit of a headache? There is another more practical solution!

The Easiest Way to Have an Aerial Hoop Performer at Your Wedding

Nothing looks better than having an Aerialist twirling ten meters above the heads of your wedding guests, but this may not be possible in all but the largest of venues.

The Easiest way to have an aerial performer without any complications or extra rigging costs is to hire an aerialist with a Freestanding Aerial Hoop.

With the Freestanding Aerial Hoop, having an aerialist at your wedding is easier to plan, requires less set up, it costs less, and you still get all the wow factor. Check out the video below!


How Much Will it Cost to Hire an Aerial Performer for Your Wedding?

The Price for an Aerial Hoop Performer will depend on a few factors:

As a ballpark figure, prices start from £520.00. Getting multiple quotes is always a good idea when looking for suppliers.

The most important thing to look at when booking an aerial performer is not only the cost but the value; what are you getting for your money?


The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to find out what exactly is included when making an enquiry. Is the performer willing to offer a couple of ambient performances as well as a main highlight before the speeches?

To make things easier, we would recommend getting in touch with an entertainment agency that would be able to provide you with a few different options all from one source. Why not get them to do the hard work?

Why Not Hire an Aerial Hoop Performer for Your Wedding?

Wedding Entertainment

At Live Performers, we think an aerial hoop performer really does add the finishing touch to any Wedding. They are a classy, sophisticated act that never fails to get an amazing response. They are easy to manage and cost-effective.

We hope this article has got you creative juices flowing to offer your guests something out of the ordinary and really give them something to remember.

Want Some Other Amazing Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding?

It isn’t easy planning your wedding entertainment, especially when you have so many other things to plan as well. Let us do the hard work so you don’t have too. We work with hundreds of wedding couples every year who are looking for something amazing for their wedding. Give Live Performers a call for a no-obligation chat about some awesome entertainment ideas for your wedding or alternatively, get in touch today!