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The Easy Way to Book an Aerial Performer and Save a Fortune. See Our Freestanding Aerial Rig Guide.

Aerial Performers are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment at weddings, corporate events and private parties. Imagine a beautiful aerial acrobat performing a stunning aerial act meters above the heads of your guests. It can be truly breathtaking to behold.

But when you hire an aerial artist, there can be a bunch of additional costs that could add hundreds if not thousands to your bill. The good news is, these costs can be dramatically reduced by hiring a freestanding aerial hoop, free standing aerial rig or aerial lollipop.

The Cost of Not Booking a Freestanding Aerial Hoop or Rig Can be Shocking

There is one thing that is essential with aerial acts. They need to be in the air! Why this sounds simple in theory, Aerial Performers can’t just throw a rope over a beam in the roof and hope for the best! Safety of both the performer and the audience is the main priority.

Rigging aerial equipment isn’t as easy as it sounds. It can involve hiring cherry pickers to access the rig points, safety checks of the rig point, obtaining structural certificates from the venue and testing weight load limits. Because of this, a professional aerial rigger needs to be hired.

Hiring an aerial rigger can be very expensive. They are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave the event so they charge a day rate. This can quickly result in anywhere from £500.00 - £1500.00 on top of the cost of your aerial act. But there is a way to avoid this cost…

A Freestanding Aerial Rig Has No Expensive Rigging Costs

The good news is we have a couple of other options. Our Freestanding aerial rigs will allow you to have an aerial performer without rigging to a part of the venue. This means you won’t need to hire a rigger, and will protect you from expensive rigging costs. Take a look at our freestanding aerial rig options below.

Free Standing Aerial lollipop

Free Standing Aerial Hoop Specs:

Max Height: 3m

Floor Space Needed: 2m Diameter

Assembly Time: 15 Minutes

The Freestanding Aerial Hoop or Aerial Lollipop is our most popular prop when booking an aerial performer. It requires very little floor space, (2m diameters) and has a maximum height of 3 meters. This means all your guests will be able to see the stunning aerial routine. Its tiny footprint also makes perfect for both indoor and outdoor events.

Free Standing Aerial Rig

Free Standing Aerial Rig Specs:

Max Height: 4.3m

Floor Space Needed: 5.5m x 6.4m

Assembly Time: 20 Minutes

The Freestanding Aerial rig is impossible to ignore! Towering 4.3 meters above the audience, it is currently the largest portable aerial rig available.

Not limited to just aerial hoop performers, the rigs height also means that it can accommodate a wide range of aerial equipment including; aerial hoop, aerial cube and aerial silk performers.

Having such a versatile aerial rig, means that you could have a variety of different performances throughout the event, which can really make the most of your entertainment budget.

Because of the Freestanding aerial rigs size, it is best suited to outdoor events or venues with high ceilings!

Free Standing Aerial Rig, Free Standing Aerial Hoop or Aerial Lollipop?

Which is best for your event? Below, we have weighed up the pros and cons for each the props to help you decide which will work best for your event.

Free Standing Aerial Hoop | Aerial Lollipop


Smaller floor space and height requirements

Suitable to most venues

Sets up in 15 Minutes


Limited to one aerial Performer

Limited to only Aerial Hoop

Not quite as high as the Freestanding aerial rig

Freestanding Aerial Rig | Portable Aerial Rig


Impressive height of 4.3 meters

Available with aerial hoop, aerial silks, aerial rope and aerial cube

Can have two performers for a duo aerial act


It’s height and floor space means it’s limited to outdoor events or larger venues.

Takes longer to assemble that than the aerial lollipop


While either one of these props will dramatically reduce the cost of hiring an aerial performer, their different qualities will make one more suitable depending on your event. Hopefully this guide had given some great options when you’re looking to book an aerial act for you wedding, corporate event or private party.

Want Some Help Deciding on an Aerial Lollipop or Freestanding Aerial Rig?

Live Performers are one of the leading suppliers of freestanding aerial rigs in the UK. We also represent some of the finest aerial acts in the country, so if you’re looking for some free impartial advice, please get in touch.


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