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Five Valentine’s Day Party Ideas to Fall in Love With!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so we wanted to share some of our top Valentine’s Day party ideas to get your heart pumping.

Whether you’re throwing a lavish Valentine’s Day Ball, a romantic meal for two or a fun single’s party, we’ve got some great ideas that even Cupid will be jealous of!

Valentine Food Ideas

Give a piece of your heart to all of your guests by making Valentine’s Day Cookies. Place them in a colourful bag or a box with a romantic message. Your guests will love to take these sugared love hearts home for a romantic date with a cup of tea.

Valentines Day Decoration Ideas

Tall plumes of feathers or a single intimate candle, creating the perfect table centrepiece for your Valentine’s Day Party is essential.

If you want to create an intimate moment for you and your loved one, then go for a personalised candle or even your partner's favourite flower.

For larger events, you want your guests to walk in and gasp! After all, you’ve been planning this event for months in your lunch break! Go for large plumes of feathers covered in glitter, red roses and small love heart balloons nestled between the arrangements.

Romantic Music Ideas to Make Your Heart Melt

Choosing a band or playlist for your Valentine’s Day Party can be stressful, so here are a few top tips to make your life easier:

• Decide if you want your guests to jump up on their feet or if you want to create a schmoozy atmosphere.

• Take out all of those classic rock anthems your co-worker or friend might have added to your

playlist when you weren't looking. This is valentine’s day, not a Nickelback concert!

• When booking a party band, do your research. When you find a band, tell them what you have in mind. Ask if they have a video and set playlist so you know exactly what they will do on the evening of your event. Also, ask if they will wear a red shirt to go with all your themed decorations.

• If you want to pop the big question, add a song that has marriage quotes in it. Maybe ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars will get you the 'Yes!' you’re hoping for!

The Perfect Party Proposal

Speaking of popping the big question; If you’ve waited all year for this date, planned this party for months and are ready to pop the question, we’ve put together a checklist that’ll help you keep cool as a cucumber!

• Make sure all of your guests at the party know exactly when you’re going to pop the question, we don’t want anyone playing Gangnam Style at the big moment!

• Get one of your family or friends to make sure your partner is close by; it would be embarrassing to kneel down to no one!

• Go for a traditional down on one knee or make it fun and think of a creative and romantic way to make the ring appear. Let your imagination run wild! Hire a close-up magician who can make it appear by magic or hide the ring a rose. If you’re going to put the ring in a cake, make sure your loved one doesn't eat it before you pop the question!

• Take your time and breathe! Getting those four words out can be tricky. Take a deep breath and take your time, this will only happen once!

Valentine’s Entertainment Ideas

No party would be complete without the perfect Valentine’s Day entertainment. Whether you’re planning a small private party or a large Valentine’s Ball; Burlesque Dancers are a great choice. Set a sexy mood with glamorous sequins, fluffy feathers and a dance that will reveal more than just a cheeky smile!

Want something a bit different?

Valentine’s Aerial Heart Performer

Fluid movements, impressive strength and visual beauty make our aerial acts a stunning centrepiece. This act can be used during your drinks reception to pour your guests champagne or between dinner courses as a main show-stopping performance.

To see all of our socially themed Valentine’s Day Entertainment Acts, visit or Valentines Entertainment page or get in touch or call us on 07809 710285 for more ideas!


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