Top Ten Tips for Planning Event Entertainment That Will Make You Look Awesome!

When it comes to planning event entertainment, there’s so much to think about; the food & drinks, menus, seating plans, guest lists, the list goes on. Don’t worry, below we list out top tips for planning great event entertainment. Armed with our event planning ideas and event management tips you’re going to look like a legend!

The Best Event Planning Tips for Corporate Event Entertainment

1. Essential Event Planning Tip – Start Planning Early

Planning event entertainment

The early bird catches the worm, but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese. Good news if you’re a mouse, not so much if you’re a worm. When it comes to planning corporate event entertainment, you need to be both efficient and patient if you’re going to reap the title of event planning legend.

Planning entertainment for a corporate event or private party takes time. You are going to send out a lot of invitations, and will be waiting for people to reply before you have an idea of how many people will attend. So, your first step is to nail down how many guests you have. The number of guests will affect the size of venue and the overall cost of the event.

2. Set The Date of the Event

When you start to plan the event, you’re going to want to decide on a date ASAP. In the early stages of planning, it’s worth whittling your dates down to a couple of possibilities and including them in your email to staff to see which will work best.

In terms of booking or hiring a venue, the most popular days of the week for corporate parties are Friday through Sunday, with Friday being the most popular. These days fill up quickly with venues for corporate events, so book well in advance to get your first choice of venue.

Earlier days in the week are less popular and therefore cheaper. So, if you’re working on a tight budget, this may be a better option. Just keep in mind that your guests may not be able to totally relax and unwind on a Sunday night, if they know they are back at the desk first thing Monday morning!

3. Top Event Planning Tips – Planning Your Budget

Event entertainment - plan your budget

How much money you have is the biggest factor when planning entertainment for a corporate event. With entertainment for corporate events, you really do get what you pay for. It’s also worth reminding the holder of the purse strings that entertainment for corporate events is a tax-deductible expense!

4. How to Choose the Best Venue for Your Event

choosing venue for the event

Your choice of venue will also have to be confirmed early on. Here are some key things to look for when deciding on a venue:

Wow Factor – Want the wow factor that will really impress your guests? It’s all about the venue. An impressive looking venue can really add prestige to an event. Get the venue right and your half way there.

Ask to see their brochure to get see the previous events they have hosted. This will help you get an idea of how your event will look in their venue.

Capacity – Is it large enough for all of your guests?

Location – Look for a good location near public transport such as; tube stops, train stations or bus stops. This will make it easier for your guests who don’t plan to drive. For the designated drivers, look for a venue that offers parking. The easier you make it for your guests the more they will be able to enjoy themselves.

Accommodation – Venues such as hotels that host functions usually offer a discount on hotel rooms as part of their package. It’s best to offer accommodation if possible, it means your guests can really let their hair down and don’t have to worry about getting home after too may martinis.

Facilities – Check what facilities the venue is able to offer, such as; lighting, screens, projectors, and PA systems which will be essential for presentations or entertainment throughout the event. For smaller events, it may be more cost-effective to use the venues facilities than hiring an outside AV team.

Hidden costs – Beware of hidden costs. Ask the venue of a full breakdown of what is and isn’t included in their package.

Looking for a great venue for your corporate event? Check out this blog by Eventbrite that lists 21 of the most unique, amazing, and unusual venues in the UK.

5. Event Planning ideas – Pick a Fun Theme

Picking theme for an event

A theme can really add a fun twist to an event, and take it legendary status. Some obvious themes are seasonal such as Christmas or Halloween. Regardless of the time of year, it’s always good to brainstorm some other ideas.

Popular themes include: Gatsby, The Greatest Showman, Hawaiian, Black & White, Circus & James Bond. Spend some time brainstorming. What would be a really fun theme for your event?

6. Planning the Catering for the Event

Ask if the venue can provide the catering as part of their package, or you will need to bring in an outside catering company. It’s always easier to get the venue to provide the catering where possible.

Be aware of any dietary requirements that your co-workers may have. It’s a good idea to ask for dietary requirements when you send out your initial invites.

7. Seating Plan

Organising the seating plan can be a little tricky to get right. Sometimes it is easier just to group tables by respective departments, but it’s also possible to mix groups to encourage more social interaction.

Make sure that the seating plan is clearly visible at the entrance to the dining area and also arrange name cards for the tables.

8. What Entertainment Ideas Will Work Best at Your Event?

Music is almost always recommended, if you’re having a disco, you’ll want to hire a band or DJ so your guests can dance and have a great time.

If you really want to surprise your guests, you can use various acts such as close up magicians, Aerial acrobats, stilt walkers, showgirls and fire performers to really add the wow factor.

Acts like magicians and stilt walkers are a great way to greet your guests as they arrive to the venue. It helps break the ice and get everyone in mood for a fun time. Later in the evening, after the meal you could have a fire show, a contortionist or an aerial performer.

Silk Performer - Aerial Performance

If you want some more great event entertainment ideas, see our full list of corporate entertainment acts here.

9. Get Awesome Pictures of Your Event Entertainment

It’s no good putting in all this work without having some great pictures to show for it. Getting a professional photographer really pays off and will give you some great shots for social media.

As a more cost-effective alternative you may want to look into hiring a photo booth or giant LED mirror where your guests can pose with a variety of fun props and costumes.

LED Frame Performer

10. Top Event Planning Tips – Stay Organised

On the night of the party, it pays to be organised. Arrive at the venue well before your guests do and make sure that everything is ready for their arrival.

Create a schedule to ensure the evening will run smoothly. The schedule should include the timings for key points throughout the night and also include the names and contact numbers for everyone involved.

Keep Calm and Enjoy the Party!

Take a deep breath, with this guide to hand you should be well organised and everything will run like clockwork. Just don’t forget to also take time to enjoy the event yourself!

Need More Corporate Event Planning Tips or Ideas for Your Event?

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